The aim of Foundations is to create a strong platform to develop the rest of the project from. As time is especially tight to write the book, it is important that any obstructions are cleared before the writing starts. I don’t want to get to a couple of weeks before Christmas and find I can’t publish my book for some reason I didn’t fully understand. Nor do I want to paint my characters into a corner of the plot with no way to resolve the situation, meaning a major unpick and rewrite to get the story to make sense again. If anything like this happens the project will overrun.

I want to get to a position before I start writing were I understand the whole story and how the characters fit into it. I want to know exactly how any character will react to a situation I give them because I’ve already fully studied them in depth. I will do a lot of writing at this stage – some of it may be good enough to use in the finished product, some may be useful to reference and a lot will probably end up in the bin. This is absolutely fine though – it’s best to get rid of all the crap now rather than waste time throwing material away during Production.

The Foundations phase of the project will run for 4 weeks from 1st August or until all Feasibility questions have been answered sufficiently.


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