The hows of indie publishing

What’s the best way to self-publish?

Since starting this project at the beginning of August, I’ve been concentrating entirely on writing: the process and structure around creating a book. I’d assumed that when I’m finished writing, I’ll simply log into Amazon, upload my text, choose a publishing option and release it to Kindle. Job done!

This is one way of releasing a book, but having read a bit on the subject, I’m not convinced it is the best, or certainly not the only publishing route an indie author should take. If that’s the case, what is the best way then?

This post is a call for information. If you have written any posts around publishing or have experience or knowledge on the subject then please write me a note or send me a link to your blog. I’ve created a page on this blog (see Indie Publishing link above) to collate any information, either leave me a comment there or below on this post.

Thanks for any help you can give with this – I’ll resume my regular updates on the lost dabs project over the weekend as usual.


The Lost Dabs Project is alive!

The Lost Dabs Project

This week, I’ve launched a new project – namely to write a book and publish it in time for Christmas. It’s a study of whether this is even possible, what are the steps needed to achieve the goal, and what can be learnt about the writing and publishing process in general. The project is running from conception to shelf in five months, I haven’t even come up with a premise around the plot yet.

The Project has already hit its first Gateway, the feasibility of the project is complete. The outcomes of the feasibility phase were to create an outline plan and set up the relevant blog and twitter accounts. To be honest, this was a pretty easy part of the project as it took very little work to complete. Importantly though, I hit the deadline – to create the first communication with the outside world by 1st August.

The phases of the project in the outline plan are:

  1. Feasibility
  2. Foundations
  3. Production
  4. Release

I’m sure I’ll be talking a lot more about this in the weeks to come. Right now, we’re in Foundations which will involve doing all the background work before beginning writing.

The Blog

I’ve set up this blog as a place for discussion around the different aspects of writing and publishing a book. I’m hoping to generate a lot of ideas from the community and to support other writers with my experience as I go along.

Feel free to comment on anything I’ve written about and I’ll happily add my thoughts. Hopefully we can develop a good insight into the best ways of creating inspiration, developing plots and characters and the technical side of publishing a book.

I just need to have a good idea for a story now.

Why Lost Dabs?

Your fingerprints are known as your dabs (mainly in the criminal world, I believe). Because the timescales for this project are so tight, it’s going to take a lot of typing to get it completed – I’m anticipating typing so fast that my fingerprints will get worn off, resulting in “lost dabs”!